Panasonic HC-VX1 EB-K Camcorder/Camera 4K - Leica Dicomar Lens - 25mm Wide Angle / 24x Optical / 32 x Intelligent Zoom, Wireless Multi Camera




  • Capture excellent low-light performance with a large 1/2.5-inch sensor and bright F1.8 lens. The remarkable LEICA Dicomar lens produces the subtle nuances and shading that LEICA lenses are renowned for. These high-quality core technologies take 4K image production to the next level.
  • The New 4K lens covers the range from 25mm wide-angle to 600mm tele with a 24x zoom achieved by a 4-Drive Lens System. The stunning wide-angle setting not only fits large groups of people and background images into narrow locations, but is also convenient for taking selfies with a rotatable LCD. * 35mm camera equivalent. Available with 4K and FHD/24p mode.
  • 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. + Uses five-axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring all the way from wide-angle to powerful zoom shots. Adaptive O.I.S. Automatically optimizes the O.I.S. effectiveness by adjusting the O.I.S. mechanical control to various shooting positions, conditions, and user characteristics. Ball O.I.S. System Reduces wear on the drive section, and greatly improves correction for small-amplitude hand-shake.
  • Automatically equalizes the gradation in response to the brightness distribution within the image. Also improves contrast in the low brightness areas of dark and back-lit scenes, and avoids blocked shadows.
  • 4K Cropping is an original Panasonic function that lets the user shoot at wide-angle in 4K, and then edit the shot later inside the camera and save it as a Full-HD image. This kind of post-editing is also possible for zoom shots and for changing the angle of view, to save scenes that might otherwise have mistakes. - Includes Serif Photo Project Disc (NO HARD COVER)

Details: The Panasonic HC-VX1, performance without compromise. Guaranteed to produce clear action shots with the large MOS sensor and state-of-the-art High Precision AF. The new Hybrid O.I.S. minimizes blurring even with zoom function engaged. These features and functions also allow you to capture stunning footage in environments with varying light levels. The HC-VX1 comes complete with a stunning 25mm Wide-Angle and 24x Optical Zoom Leica lens that not only effortlessly fits large groups of people into narrow locations, but also comes with a rotatable LCD screen making it perfect for selfies or vlogging. Capture the moments that matter in 4K premium HD giving you highly realistic images and uncompromising picture quality at all times. Box Contains; HC-VX1EB-K / AC Adaptor / DC Cable/ Rechargeable Battery Pack / USB Cable/ Serif Photo Project (No Cover)/ Instructions

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