Porsche Style Drift Radio Control Car - PRO Brushless Version



This is the PRO top of the range upgraded version of the HSP radio controlled drift car. As well as the features found on the standard car, this PRO version has been upgraded with FSD 3300KV brushless motor, Hobbywing 50A brushless ESC and Fullymax 7.4V 3500mAh Lipo battery with Lipo charger making it extremely fast.

The upgraded brushless setup on this PRO version makes it much quicker than the standard version. This is the full upgrade version that includes a Lipo battery upgrade also that is needed to enjoy the full power of the brushless motor. You should not confuse this with the brushless version that comes with NiMh battery also available on the market that does not give the same power as this.

This is an extremely fast model with adjustable pro setup for drift race enthusiasts. It has all the features and more that you would expect from a hobby grade model including aluminium oil filled shocks, working differentials, aluminium parts used where needed including aluminium central drive shaft and upper chassis, slipper clutch and advanced servo saver. This is a car that is on a competition ready platform giving you ultimate drifting power.

This upgraded version, just like the standard, comes with solid compound drift tires and pre-mounted high performance wheels allowing you to perform the perfect controlled drift. This is further enhanced by the 4WD system for consistent drift on a wide variety of surfaces. All the adjustments for a perfect drift set-up are there: camber, toe-in, body level etc.

The body shell on this car is pre-painted in an eye pleasing blue colour and is finished off with matching striking blue wheel rims. There is a large foam front bumper fitted for crucial protection just in case one of those drifts goes a little off track! The radio controlled car comes ready to run, all you require are 8 standard AA batteries for the 2.4GHz transmitter and you are ready to go.

H94123PRO-12344 Car


Waterproof main electronics which prevent your model from water damage if you drive through a puddle or around a wet track.

H94123PRO-12344 ESC


This model has a 4 Wheel Drive system with a strong aluminium central drive shaft evenly transferring the power from the rear to the front. The 4WD system gives better track ability and the rear wheel power will help you drift around corners by giving acceleration to the back wheels to give you that extra push. These hobby grade RC cars also feature working front and rear differentials that further improves handling.

H94123PRO-12344 4WD


The motor in this drift car is brushless making it much faster than the standard brushed one. This is paired with a 50A ESC giving full proportional speed in forward and reverse. The ESC is fitted with it's own fan to keep it cool and operating at peak.

H94123PRO-12344 Motor


This model comes with a strong aluminium central drive shaft that transfers the power from the rear to the front for the 4WD system.

H94123PRO-12344 Drive Shaft


Both the angle and tension of the strong aluminium oil-filled shocks on this model can be adjusted to your driving preference.

H94123PRO-12344 Shocks


Get drifting around corners with these fantastic, slick drift tyres.

H94123PRO-12344 Tyres


Ball bearings are used throughout instead of standard metal bushings. These are much smoother so give a speed boost as well as smoother running.

H94123PRO-12344 Ball Bearings


The battery that comes with this model is specially designed for RC cars. It can push the power out quickly and this gives the higher speeds that toy shop RC cars can not achieve.

H94123PRO-12344 Battery


A strong over-sized front bumper will protect your car more in the event of a crash.


H94123PRO-12344 Bumper

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