Atem Mini Pro Live Production Mixer



Brand: Blackmagic Design 12 Months warranty New

Color: Black


  • Atem Mini Pro Video Mixer for Live Production and Live Streaming
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • Ethernet streaming.
  • 2 x jack input.
  • Multiviewer

Details: In addition to all the features of the ATEM Mini model, the Pro offers many more. With the Pro, you can also record in H.264 format directly to USB drives, stream directly to YouTube Live via Ethernet and more. It offers you a multiviewer with views for four cameras, previews and programs as well as for the status of recording, streaming and audio. Flink video production plus live streaming. Live production is the fastest way to the finished show. Also, you can stream everything at the same time via YouTube live to a worldwide audience. The USB webcam output of the ATEM Mini fits any computer and equals an integrated webcam. It works with all streaming software for social media platforms. The four available HDMI inputs allow you to connect multiple cameras to capture different perspectives and separate close-up shots of all participants. Alternatively, connect computers for PowerPoint presentations, play video clips and access to websites or games consoles. Since all cuts are done in real time, you can also stream in real time on any social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, TwitchTV and many more. Autonomous picture mixer in broadcast quality. The optically like a compact control panel, the Atem Mini has all its video, audio and control ports on the back of the case. The mixer control panel has clear buttons for source selection, for adjusting audio inputs and for selecting video effects and transitions. On the back there are HDMI inputs for connecting cameras or computers and two microphone sockets. The program output is provided with the ATEM Mini via an HDMI video output as well as a USB port that serves as a webcam output. The generously sized buttons of the control panel are easy to key, so you can even use the mixer when lecturing. There are also audio buttons for live mixing of sound. At the end of your program you can then blend it out cleanly with the fade to black FTB button. Easy to use and fix learning. The Atem Mini is very easy to use. Simply press one of the input keys 1 to 4 on the control panel to change or cut video sources. Hard cut and effect transitions are offered which you choose using the "Cut" or "Auto" buttons on the control panel. In contrast to the "Cut" button, the ATEM Mini will automatically output a selected video effect when switching between inputs when the "Auto" button is activated. You can choose exciting transitions such as frequently used blends or more exciting effects such as dip-to-colour, DVE-Squeeze and DVE-Push. The DVE is ideal for image-in-picture effects. With this processor you can set up various image positions directly via the control panel buttons. There is even a Still Store for still images, tracks and graphics that you can access from a computer using an external software Connect up to 4 autonomous cameras. The mixer has four separate HDMI inputs for connecting up to four high-quality consumer video cameras. Video cameras with HDMI outputs deliver much better images than webcams, because they use higher quality lenses and do more in low light. All connected sources that output material in different video formats are synchronised in the mixer. In other words, all input sources are easily processed. You can also work in new venues or locations with unfamiliar equipment. Since many HDMI cameras support interchangeable lenses, you can choose wide-angle for wide settings and zoom for close-ups. This pushes the use of powerful professional cameras for theatre production and music videos into the field of possibility. Video output via HDMI and USB webcam ports. To give you the absolute maximum compatibility, ATEM Minis have a USB port on board that acts as a simple webcam source. Simply connect your equipment and immediately record the work with any video software. The software reads an ATEM Mini as an ordinary webcam, although it is actually a live production mixer. This guarantees full compatibility with any video software in the full resolution quality of 1080HD. Choos

Release Date: 01-01-2020

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 5.7 x 4.5 inches

Binding: Electronics

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