Baxxtar PRO - 4 channel charger - compatible



  • POWER: Four shafts with 1A each. Professional version with MCU control and integrated surge protection. Always have enough charging capacity for yourself and can help out on location in case of need
  • EQUIPMENT: Each charging bay (4x) is equipped with a separate display (4 bars).
  • XX-PLATES: Please use only Baxxtar XX-Plates (easily recognizable by the red bottom of the loading trays). The commercially available loading trays are not able to cope with the energy output.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 1x Baxxtar PRO 4-channel charger / 1x power cable EU with 1.45 metres length / 1x power cable United Kingdom (UK-Plug) with 1.45 metres length (weight of charger without trays and cable: 527g) / 4x Baxxtar XX-Plate
  • COMPATIBLE: With CANON EOS C200 EOS C300 Mark II C500 II and XF-705 etc.

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