BirdDog BDMINIHDMI (BD-MINI-HDMI) Mini HDMI to NDI Encoder/Decoder - Includes Comms Lite. NOTE: All BirdDog units will ship with the current July 2018 .1 firmware with the new software coming shortly. The supplier DOES NOT recommend updating to the latest Beta firmware 2.0.7 at the current time.
Audio Comms:
By harnessing the true power of NDI BirdDog have made the world's first Audio Intercom system with live video windows. Now you can see live the camera feeds and arrange all your Comms on a simple Windows 10 computer meaning you can even use a touchscreen enabled device for true interactivity.
BirdDog Central:
BirdDog Central is the fastest and most convenient way to get content to TV's and screens ever. Simply attach BirdDog Mini or Studio NDI to your screen, plug it into a PoE switch, HDMI into the screen and you can play content to that screen from any BirdDog encoder using BirdDog Link. You can also use the BirdDog media...

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