Camrade CAM-WS-EOSC200 (CAMWSEOSC200) Wetsuit for Canon EOS C200




Camrade CAM-WS-EOSC200 (CAMWSEOSC200) Wetsuit for Canon EOS C200. The Camrade wetsuit EOS C200 is a rain cover that protects your Canon cinema camera against the elements. It’s made of water-resistant fabric with a soft lining and minimalises unwanted sound effects during operation.The wetsuit is supplied with protection covers for a normal and a long lens, making sure that any lens you might use will be well protected. The separate viewfinder monitor cover is constructed in a way it fits onto the body cover, so no water will come into the suit during use.
The vinyl window allows you to use the touch screen. The cover has clear vinyl windows which can be opened and closed with hook and loop fasteners, for maximum visibility when adjusting the menu, audio input select level and other controls. The back of the cover is also made of transparent vinyl and can be extended for when you’re...

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