CamRade PXW-FX9 WetSuit



CamRade 2709-0485 (27090485) wetSuit for PXW-FX9. The Sony PXW-FX9 camera is made to create the perfect images anytime and anywhere. The camRade wetSuitPXW-FX9 is made to help protect this camera against wind, dust and rain, no matter the circumstances.
Full access during operation is key, so this rain cover has many practically located openings and windows. For example to view your settings, control the multifunction handgrip, and gain access for when you use the Multi Interface Shoe.
Separate covers are included for the viewfinder monitor, the ergonomic handgrip and a lens cover. When you have the XDCA-FX9 unit on your camera, the back of the cover can be extended and will also cover the antennas.
The special fabric we use for our wetsuits has a soft lining and minimises unwanted sound effects caused by wind and rain. This item will be delivered to you in a waterproof pouch with zipper, which you can...


1x  wetSuit PXW-FX9

1x  Waterproof storage pouch with zipper

1x  Viewfinder cover

1x  Ergonomic Handgrip cover

1x  Lens cover

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