Canon C100 Mark II



Pre Owned Canon C100 Mark II 2 - Professional EOS Cinema Camera / Camcorder - 1048 h This is Body Only No Lens Included

The camera has 1048 hours on the clock, though I'd still describe it as being in a good condition. There is some wear and tear to the body, including minor paint wear (to the microphone grille, pistol grip securing ring, base around the tripod mount, 'Zebra' lettering), but there's no serious damage like cracks or anything like that. The sensor is clean - no marks to it. The viewfinder has light scratches to the coating - I'd say it looks worse in the pictures than it actually is, and you don't notice it when looking through the viewfinder. The viewfinder housing appears slightly loose, but has no effect on its operation. LCD screen has some light scratches but I'd still describe it as being in a good overall condition. 

The camera will come with the Top Handle & Pistol Grip, plus a Genuine Canon BP-955 battery, which the camera reports as having 'Moderate' life (seems to hold a good charge). The charger is a Generic one - it's designed for the smaller BP-915 battery, but charges this one just fine (I tried to purchase a genuine one to include in the sale, but unfortunately the seller appears to be a rogue one). 

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