CoreSWX CORE-CXVM-FX6 (CORECXVMFX6) Articulating Micro V Mount Plate for Sony FX6. Powertap and USB outputs.. The CXVM-FX6 mounts directly to the back of the Sony PXW-FX6. The milled aluminium product inserts into the battery slot of the camera and also attaches to the top of the camera(with included screw hardware) to provide a secure platform for mounting v-mount batteries directly onto the FX6 camera. It has a 19.5v DC output with a visual low battery warning LED and a DC barrel input (OEM camera power supply) for hot-swapping between external and on-board power. In addition, it’s equipped with a PowerTap and USB to power additional accessories. A USB firmware update port on the rear ensures future compatibility with camera firmware updates.
Up to a BP-U100 battery pack fits inside of the battery cavity on the camera, allowing the user to hot-swap batteries. Once the v-mount on-board pack dies, it will automatically pull power from the BP-U battery and you will see...

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