CoreSWX CORE-NPF-SHD (CORENPFSHD) NPF Flat Pack for SmallHD Focus Monitors. The NPF-SHD is a near 60wh L-series type lithium ion battery pack design to provide a lower profile powering solution for the SmallHD Focus monitors.
It was designed to allow for full rotation of the monitor on the tilt arm while not blocking the air vents on the back of the monitor.
The battery pack features a 4-stage LED gauge along with a 7-17v DC input which allows you to powertap into the battery pack on larger camera rig configurations and route regulated power into the monitor. Should the DC input power be interrupted, the pack will seamlessly discharge from the battery cells. While the DC input allows for the added flexibility of charging the pack, the pack will charge from most L-series chargers as well.

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