Datavideo DATA-DVP100KIT



Datavideo DATA-DVP100KIT (DVP-100KIT) DVP-100 2 Camera Multi-Teleprompter Control System Kit (Cameras not included). Until now, tablet-based prompters have lacked the ability to share, synchronize and playback scripts over multiple devices. As a result, producers have been restricted to reading from a single teleprompter linked to a particular camera.
Using DVP-100 and multiple TP teleprompters, presenters can read from multiple prompters around a studio for a dynamic, truly televisual production. Scripts can be added or edited in real-time and the playback speed can be altered at will.
The result is a flexible, synchronized multi-camera teleprompter system at an astonishingly low price.


1 x DVP-100 Teleprompter Control System

2 x TP-300 Tablet Teleprompters

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