Datavideo RMC185 Controller



Datavideo DATA-RMC185 (DATARMC185) RMC-185 Controller for KMU-100 4K Multi-Camera Processor. The RMC-185 is a cost effective physical controller designed specifically for control of the KMU series 4K Multi-Camera Processor. The RMC-185 interfaces with the KMU-100 via an RS-422 interface. This dedicated controller allows operators to make smooth zoom and pan/tilt motions by using the joystick. 4 presets are available that hold scale, position, motion path and speed of all 4 individual 3Gb/s outputs, per channel. Buttons allow start/stop/reset of motion in a predefined speed of every individual output.


1x RMC-185 Main Unit

1x DC 12V Power Adaptor

1x RMC-185 Thank you Card

1x D-Sub 9Pin to RJ-45 Cable

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