Dome 3.6m Geo Garden Dining Outdoor Igloo Pod




Details: Quality durable igloo garden pods - Easy assembly. Takes 1 person just one hour or quicker with 2 people - Quality easy connectors. No tools needed - Diameter: 3.6m - Base area: 10m2 - Entrance: h 180cm x w 75cm - Max height: 220cm - Can be stored away in packaging: 40cm x 79cm x 32cm - Wind resistant up to 50-62km/h (when properly fixed with the anchorage kit) - Maximum snow load capacity: 40kg - Portable and easy to move even when assembled (with two people) - Stable and Resilient Frame made from white polyvinyl - No Foundation Necessary - simply anchor it with the anchor system provided - Cover: Transparent soft PVC - Window/Vents: 2 - Seats up to 8-10 people or more depending how you lay the tables out - White bottom as standard - UK based company with spare parts available - 12 Month warranty

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