DuraPro 2Pcs 2500mAh NP-FV70 NP FV70 Batteries + Dual USB Charger for Sony NP-FV70 NP-FV100 Battery; Sony Handycam



Brand: DuraPro


  • Fully Compatible with: Sony NP-FV70 NP-FV100 Batteries;
  • Extra Power, More Shots for Your Cameras.Specifications: Battery Type: Li-ion Capacity:2500mAh Volts:7.2V;
  • Micro Dual USB Charger: When Charging, the LED Indicator will show red, the LED Indicator will be on green when charged fully;
  • Very convenient whilst out on trips; Micro-USB input: Multiple Charging Options: charge with a USB wall charger, car charger, Portable Power Source, or cellphone adapter;
  • Package includes: 2X NP-FV70 Batteries + Dual USB Charger + Micro Charging Cable + Manual 30days Money Back; 2 Years Waranty.

Details: Battery Compatible:  Sony NP-FV70,NPFV100; Compatible with camera models:  For Sony HDR-CX180E,HDR-CX360E,HDR-CX700E,HDR-XR160E,HDR-PJ10E             HDR-PJ30E,HDR-PJ50E,HDR-TD10E,NEX-VG10E,HDR-CX150E          HDR-CX350E,HDR-CX550E,HDR-CX370V,HDR-CX100E,HDR-XR150E           HDR-XR350E,HDR-XR550E,HDR-XR100E,DCR-SR68E,DCR-SX83E          DCR-SX63E,DCR-SX43E,DCR-SX85E,DCR-SX20E,DCR-SR20E            HHDR-TG5,HDR-TG5V,HDRTG1,HDR-UX5,HDR-UX7,HDR-HC3 and More Specifications: Battery Type: Rechargeble Li-ion Battery Voltage:7.2V Capacity:2500mAh Micro Dual USB Charger Specifications: Input: DC 5V/1A (Min.) Output: DC 8.4V/800mA(x1)         DC 8.4v/600mA(x2) Package Includes: 2 * NP-FV70 Batteries 1 * Micro USB Dual Charger 1 * Micro USB Charging Cable 1 * Manual Cautious: 1.Do not connect improperly.  2.Do not dispose of battery in fire as they may explode, battery may also exploded if damaged.  3.Do not expose the battery to liquid or subject to strong mechanical shocks 30days Money Back; 2 Years Waranty

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.4 x 2.6 inches

Binding: Electronics

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