Duronic Projector Screen FFPS100

size_name: 100-INCH


  • EXCEPTIONAL SCREEN DISPLAY: The FFPS100 is made from a high-quality matte white stretchy material compatible with all projectors on the market. With a +1 gain factor, projected light will be reflected back brighter by the screen creating an outstanding picture. Around the white screen is a black velvet frame that enhances the colour and contrast of the image. The back of the screen is coloured black to stop light being lost through the screen and to prevent any light coming through from behind.
  • FIXED FRAME HOLDS THE SCREEN PERFECTLY: Unique to this model, the screen is fixed into the strong metal frame and held under tension to ensure it is positioned perfectly, no matter what wall you want to mount it on. Having the screen held flat and smooth within the frame means you will never have wrinkles, creases or ripples on the screen surface, ensuring you have high quality display every time.
  • EASY AND STRAIGHTFORWARD TO INSTALL: This 16:9 ratio screen comes with a detailed easy-to-follow manual which provides a step by step guide to putting the screen together and hanging it on a wall. Due to the nature of this screen, we recommend that assembly and installation is done by two people. The FFPS100 comes with all fixings needed to build the screen as well as standard wall fixings. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE IS CORRECT BEFORE ORDERING. This screen is 100” – length 221cm, width 125cm.
  • OUR RANGE OF SCREENS: The FFPS fixed frame screen is available in five different sizes: 92”, 100”, 120”, 133” and 150”. We also offer a wider range of screens with different mounts, for instance, the APS/rip-tape wall mounted, BPS/bar wall mounted, DPS/desk mounted, EPS/electronic wall or ceiling mounted, FPS/floor mounted, MPS/manual wall or ceiling mounted, and, TPS/tripod floor mounted. All of our range is available in different sizes, with something to suit everyone.
  • DELIVERY AND SHIPPING: All of our projector screens are shipped directly from the UK and can be delivered to UK mainland addresses within a few working days. We do ship internationally but please expect delivery to take a bit longer. Box dimensions: 153 x 28 x 15.5cm. Box weight: 14kg.

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