Electric motorcycle mountain cross-country bicycle mountain bike all-aluminum body 45 degree high torque 60V/32Ah/5400w

Color: gray


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Length: 1870mm Width: 780mm Height: 1040mm Minimum floor distance: 270mm Wheelbase: 1260mm Vehicle quality: 50 kg Front axle mass distribution: 24 kg Rear axle mass distribution: 26 kg Maximum load weight: 100 kg Angle and itinerary Anteversion: 26 ° Direction of steering angle: 46 ° Fork travel: 200mm After the reduction / round travel: 87 / 210mm Performance and transmission Motor maximum speed: 4500r / min Cooling method: forced air cooling Climbing angle: 35 ° Endurance: 100 km (20 km / h speed) Maximum torque: 200N. m Transmission type and transmission ratio: 1: 7.6 Stick: belt + chain Belt specifications: horse brand HTD 8 M CXA stick Frame and shock Frame type: aluminum double cradle Front shock type: double cylinder is vertical telescope After the shock type: multi-link center shock Tires and brakes Tire specifications (front): 70 / 100-19 Tire specifications (after): 70 / 100-19 Rim type (front): 19x1,4 Rim type (after): 19x1,4 Brake type (front): to brake the four-piston hydraulic discs Brake type (rear): to brake the four-piston hydraulic discs Electronic components Motor: 60 V 5400 W Lithium battery: 60V32AH Controller type: 60 V adaptive ECU type: GPS data connection Speaker: European standard speaker Charger type: constant current constant voltage 58.8V-5A Power battery specifications: 51.8V25AH lithium battery pack Front headlight type: bicycle headlight (V) (W) (mm) Brake Light / Taillight Type: Bicycle Deuterium (v) (w) USB power supply: USB-2.1A single socket Instrument: IBN negative liquid crystal instrument

Brand Name: JimMia
Voltage: 60V
Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Foldable: No
Wattage: > 500w
Range per Power: > 60 km
Rated Passenger Capacity: One Seat
Max Speed: >50km/h
Certification: ce
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Style: Luxury Type
Model Number: JM01

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