Elgato Multi Mount, Extendable Up to 125 cm/49 Inch



Elgato Multi Mount, Extendable Up to 125 cm/49 Inch, Center Ball Head, 1/4 Inch Screw, Padded Desk Clamp (Compatible with All Elgato Multi Mount Accessories), Black

  • Three section steel monopod extendable from 55 cm/22 Inch up to 125 cm/49 Inch gives you ample height for overhead shots and lighting
  • Center ball head with an industry-standard 1/4 Inch screw allows you to secure almost any gear on any axis
  • Padded desk clamp expandable up to 6 cm/2.35 Inch provides maximum stability
  • Rubber twist locks and levered clamps enable easy adjustability
  • Compatible with all Elgato multi mount accessories

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