Epiphan AV.io HD Video Capture Card



Brand: Epiphan


  • FullHD Video Capture
  • Hardware Scaling for lower resolution video
  • Ultra-low latency
  • USB powered

Details: Epiphan Video's AV.io line of capture cards are intended to be as easy to use as any other capture card on the market. Their plug and play mentality stems from their HD to 4K cards, which can then be used on Linux, Windows and Mac devices. For HDMI capture, all that's needed is to plug in the device to your source, then out to the computer you intend to capture off of. This is all done over USB, giving you an excellent range of flexibility for how you want to hook it up. The AV.io HD captures up to 1080p, with the ability to record in 60FPS or below. The AV.io will hardware scale the video too, so you don't have to have it set at the original resolution if it's a smaller image streaming out to a higher resolution. On the AV.io HD, you can adjust settings like brightness or contrast for VGA sources, giving you even more control over the output. AV.io is designed to be portable, so you can pack it away and then head off wherever you need to go and start working almost immediately. All you need is laptop, a USB port and software of choice. The capture card also has ultra-low latency, making it perfect to capture video and audio as it happens. This cuts down on lag that can happen as things get heated or go on for too long. Audio is encoded at 24-bit 96kHz via PCM audio over HDMI. Stereo audio output has resampling at 48kHz at 16-bit. AV.io works in a way that makes it appear as a webcam, allowing it to be flexible between what program you want to use it with. Open Broadcast Software or XSplit are obviously your best bets for gaming, but it will work with professional level software like Telestream Wirecast and more. For teleconferencing, it'll even work with Skype and other instant messaging services for presentation purposes.

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.5 x 2.9 inches

Binding: Electronics

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