Feibrand Clapper Board Clapperboard Film Boards



  • This white film slate measures about 30 x 24.4 centimetres (length x width), consisted of an acrylic slate with a hinged clapstick attached to its top
  • The clapperboard is made of acrylic, includes writing area for the date, the name of the director, the scene, take and roll
  • A built-in magnet in the middle of the clapstick to keep the sticks together when transporting
  • One end of the clapper board can be opened and closed to make a clear sound, so that the synchronization of the sound and image can be performed later
  • The back of the clapper board is a whiteboard without words and can be used for a temporary dialogue for shooting movie; Suitable for film, TV series, commercials, studio shooting, it is the best use of photography

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