Feiyu G5GS Gimbal 3-Axis Bluetooth Handheld Stabilizer for Sony AS50 AS50R Sony X3000 X3000R Camera Splash Proof for 130g-200g

Ships From: China
Color: G5GS


Size: 26.61*11.63*6.88cm
Titling Angle: 320
Vertical Shooting: Yes
Charging for Mobile Device: Yes
Weight (g): 314g (besides battery and cam)
Rolling Angle: 360
Configured for: action photo cameras
Feature: Following the shooting mode
App Setting: Yes
Panning Angle: 360
Communication: bluetooth
Package: Yes
Material: Aluminum
Max Controllable Speed: 150 degree / second
of Axes: 3-Axis
Type: handheld gimbal
Model Number: FeiyuTech-G5GS
Supported Mobile Device Max Size: 130g - 200g Sony Action Cam
Support Remote Control: Yes
Camera Integration: No
Configured for: action photo cameras
Charging for Mobile Device: yes
Vertical Shooting: Yes

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