Godox QS400II 2x 400Ws Photo Studio Flash Lighting,XPRO Trigger,Softbox,280cm Light Stand,Barn Door,Flash built-in Receivers




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Model: Godox QS400II *2
- Model: QS400II
- 400Ws
- 5600K Color Temperature
- Voltage: 200V~240V / 60Hz
- 0.3 - 1.5 Sec Recycling
- Flash Duration: 1/800 to 1/2000 Sec
-Plug: US/EU/AU/UK Plug
Model:Godox Honycomb Grid 70cm x 100cm Softbox *1
Size: 70 cm(W) x 100 cm(L)
Mounting: Bowens Mount

Model:Godox Honycomb Grid 35cm x 160cm Softbox*1
Size: 35 cm(W) x 160 cm(L)
Mounting: Bowens Mount
Model:Godox 303 2.8m Light Stand *2
This light stand is constructed from metal and has a three stage adjustable shaft and rubber feet, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work. 
Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use. 
This light stand has a maximum height of 280cm. 
This stand supports all major photo equipment including reflectors, softboxes, lights, umbrellas, backgrounds and more. 
Model:Godox Xpro Trigger *1
Model:Godox BD-04 Barn Door Honeycomb Grid 4 color Filter + Bowens Mount Reflector *1
Package Listing:
2x Godox QS400II 
2x Godox 303 2.8m Light Stand
1x Godox Honycomb Grid 70cm x 100cm Softbo
1x Godox Honycomb Grid 35cm x 160cm Softbox
1x Godox Xpro Trigger
1x Godox BD-04 Barn Door Honeycomb Grid 4 color Filter + Bowens Mount Reflector


Brand Name: Godox
Model Number: QS400II
Package: Yes

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