H.PRESTON Evolution 2020 PRO Universal Modular




  •  H.PRESTON GRIP KIT Evolution is 100% compatible with all smartphones currently available including solo, dual, and multi-camera models. This universal compatibility achieved thanks to the patented original construction that allows adjusting position of every element or module to be aligned easily with a phone of any size and camera(s) location
  • The Evolution PRO video rig set is the best choice for a videographer having already a bunch of lights, microphones, and other professional equipment in the disposal. The set includes 2 molded anatomical grips and 2 high-grade aluminum tracks to form the rig frame, phone clamp holder, the Optical Module with external lens connectors, 52mm hood, ND and CPL 52mm filters, backlight blinder, shoulder strap, and a number of different screws to enable secure connections of rig modules and accessories
  • The original Optical Module (included) features detachable 37-17mm threaded adapter to provide compatibility with a wide range of eternal lenses (17 and 37mm thread), optical accessories including DoF adapters (37mm thread), filters and hoods (52 and 37mm thread), and others
  • All Evolution PRO video rig parts and elements can be connected in a number of different ways to build a custom setup for each particular task and shooting technics. That is why the Evolution Rig System itself is also a transformable constructer set that is yet compatible with the most of other photo/video extensions and supports including dollies, moving platforms, jibs, pan-stabilizers, grips, and many others
  • The Evolution Smartphone Video Rig System can simultaneously carry several phones and/or compact cameras together with a plurality of accessories like external lights, microphones, extra monitors, and optics like lenses, filters, and others. And with all the items mounted on it - the Rig will keep the extraordinary weight balance, can be conveniently handheld, mounted on a tripod or securely attached with extra connection means to almost any surfaces and objects indoor and outdoor

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