H.Preston GOOVIS Virtual Reality Travel 3D Theater VR Glasse



  • Resolution 1920x1080x2. Sony OLED Micro Display. Will Some Black Areas Around Screen: FOV 53 is the most comfortable way to watch 4.5 hours as it seems you are sitting in the middle line in the Cinema
  • Cortex -A7. 8 Core Chip / 2GHZ CUP / 700 MHZ GPU / 4K 2160P Decoder / 1080P @60HZ HDMI / 2GB DDR3 / 16GB MMC / 5900mAh Battery / 4.0 Bluetooth / 2.4/5G WIFI
  • Without the need for glasses.Long ~ Short-sighted 300~ 800 Degrees. Vision Adjustment Range 56mm ~72mm ,Interpupillary distance adjustment range
  • 800-inch Giant Screen, dizziness-free , and fatigue-free, if you want connect to your phone, only iPhone, and you need another adapter change the connector to HDMI (Goovis not offer this )
  • Multi-applications. Unlimited Source of Entertainment Contents Via App, Laptop, Gaming console (PS4 & Xbox), Pen drive, etc.
  • GOOVIS Personal 3D Theater Enjoy 800” HD Giant Screen Anywhere Anytime. FOV : 53’. Will Some black areas around screen: FOV 53 is the most comfortable way to watch 4.5 hours as it seems you are sitting in the middle line in the cinema, if bigger, seems sitting in the front ,if watching a long time , eyes will uncomfortable, Sony VR also use FOV 51. Advanced HD 4K vision. Sony OLED micro display .Resolution 1920x1080x2. Single eye full HD clarity. Performance. Resolution:1920x1080x2 Pixel:3147 PPI Display Contrast>10000 : 1 Pixel Fill Rate> 92% Color: Gamut 117% Srgb Giant screen 800-inch giant screen, which makes you feel like seating in the middle of an IMAX theater, dizziness-free , and fatigue-free. Response time < 0.01 ms Refresh rate: 60Hz Realistic Real 3D image. Dual FHD micro-display & Nedoptics' unique image color management technologies, more extraordinary 3D effect than in a real theater. More realistic, three-dimensional images & wide color spectrums. Easy to use Without the need for glasses. Whether you are long-sighted or short-sighted, you can take off your glasses to enjoy super clear images and immerse yourself into your private virtual world. Light weight 0.2KG Multi-applications GOOVIS G2 Package comes with complete battery operated entertainment control (OTT). It offers unlimited source of entertainment contents via App,iPhone (Only), Laptop, Gaming console (PS4 & Xbox), Pen drive, etc. HDMI WIFI Bluetooth USB Micro SD Packaging Contents GOOVIS controller (OTT), Wired Controller (A bit cumbersome and doesn’t have cursor control) Premium Sport Hard Case Extra Eye Cushion Pad HDMI splitter lens cleaning cloth Power charger

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