Hague D10 (D-10) Camera Skater Ladder Dolly



Hague D10 (D-10) Camera Skater Ladder Dolly. Please note: Camera, track and tripod head NOT included
The Hague dual purpose Skater Ladder Dolly runs on any smooth, flat surface and the wheels can be set to track in a straight line or angled to track round an object.
The Hague Skater Ladder Dolly also runs on a ladder to create tracking shots over any terrain.
The high quality wheels have sealed radial ball bearings to ensure super smooth movement. Your video head can easily attach to the dolly as it has a 75mm bowl mount. This means you can simply remove the head from your tripod and mount it on the dolly, with the facility to level off the head. The 75mm bowl levelling system has now become the most popular on the majority of professional tripods.
When the dolly is mounted onto a ladder an extra set of guide wheels are used...

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