Hague HCS (H-CS) Camera Steadicam Stabiliser



Hague HCS (H-CS) Camera Steadicam Stabiliser

Hague HCS (H-CS) Camera Steadicam Stabiliser. Please note: Camera and accessories pictured NOT included
The Hague HCS Camera Steadicam Stabiliser is a handheld camera stabilising system which has been specifically designed for video cameras and DSLR cameras.
This handheld camera stabilising system is ideal for small cameras (from 500g upwards) and larger cameras (up to 3kg) as it is supplied with two poles. This ensures that the unit remains small and compact when used with small cameras but has the ability to handle larger set-ups too.
The HCS stabiliser has been a popular steady cam for many years and the current version is our most refined and high performance model yet.
The HCS has a unique pivot cup gimbal which ensures the smoothest glide shots and it is easy to control the direction of the camera as you move around. It has an integrated fine trim system which makes it easy to...

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