Hague PH200 Pro Pan & Tilt Camera Powerhead - 360 Degrees



Please note: Optional extras such as jib, camera, dolly, tripod, monitor or half ball shown in pictures NOT included. The D8CB Claw Ball is required to attach the PH200 to a jib bowl as pictured.

The Hague PH200 Pro Remote Pan & Tilt Power Head can be mounted to a tripod, jib, crane or wall bracket. It can be mounted vertically or underslung and it supports up to 5kg making it ideal for most professional handheld camcorders and DSLR cameras.

The head will pan and tilt through 360 degrees, this enables the camera to point directly upwards or downwards when required. It is driven by two custom-geared motors with belt drive. The power head's drive pulleys have sealed radial ball bearings for effortless smooth movement with minimum backlash. The motor drive can be easily disengaged to enable the camera to be balanced correctly on the camera plate.

The head's camera plate is adjustable for different sizes of camera and will support up to 5kg. The speed of movement is variable, from the slowest crawl up to 52 degrees per second. The drive motors are quiet at low speeds, but will be heard at higher speeds if the camera's onboard microphone is used. (Similar to most power heads on the market).

The Head can be mounted to a tripod, jib or wall bracket. It has 5 mounting holes, two 6mm threaded holes, one standard ¼" threaded hole, one 3/8" threaded hole and one 10mm hole. A 10mm mounting bolt is also supplied.

Joystick Control Box

The Joystick Control gives the head precision pan and tilt movement in either direction from a slow crawl up to the required speed. The Joystick will also pan and tilt simultaneously. On the side of the control box is a variable speed controller, so you can set the maximum speed for better control, there are also switches to change the direction of the joystick control and an on & off switch.

On the front of the control box are sockets for the control cable, 12vDC in, plus a composite video out phono socket, this enables a monitor to be added to monitor your shots. Led lights indicate when the unit is switched on and when the internal battery is on charge. The head is powered by a rechargeable internal battery or can be powered from a supplied mains adaptor.

On the bottom of the control box are 4 non-slip feet to prevent it moving when it is used on a table, there is also a ¼” threaded hole in the base to allow it to be mounted to a tripod or any other mount that has a standard ¼” mounting screw. An optional mounting bracket is also available to attach it to the Hague range of Jibs and Cranes.

Control Cable

A 5 metre cable is supplied to connect the control box to the head. This cable can also carry a composite signal from the head to the controller, allowing a monitor to be used without the need of additional wires. An optional 5 metre extension cable is also available should you need to have the control box further away from the head.

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