The Hague SM8 camera suction mount for cars can be used in a variety of ways to mount a camcorder or stills camera almost anywhere onto a vehicle. It consists of several interchangeable parts which can all be purchased separately if additional units are required.

Often photographers want to be able to mount a camera further out away from the vehicle looking along the side or looking back at it. With the versatility of this suction mount kit, a variety of options are available. If a camera is mounted to the rig you are able to create some very unusual shots.

With this system you are able to add additional accessories such as the a superclamp & double ball tilt head which enables you to use both suction pads and superclamps to attach to a roll bar or roof rail for extra support.

Additional Suction Pads, Superclamps, Connecting Rods, Rod Clamps etc. can be added for extra support or to create a ridged construction to meet all your shooting requirements. The suction pads can be used on any non porous surface, or using superclamps your camera can be fastened to scaffolding towers etc. This versatile kit enables a camera to be mounted in a variety of situations where it would be impossible to use a tripod.

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