Haocrown LED Smart TV for Bathroom IP66 Waterproof 22 INCH




  • PROFESSIONAL WATERPROOFï The Haocrown Smart TV is the Waterproof Level of IP66, Which Can Prevent Water Vapor And Fog From Causing any Damage To The Products.TV Speakers and Buttons are also Waterproof. The Remote Control is Equipped With a Waterproof Level as High as IP68, Even if it is Immersed in Water, There is No Problem.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN STYLE:The Mirror TV is a Mirror When It's Off, and a TV when It's On. This Model Uses a Vanishing Mirror Panel With Special Treatment to the Glass to Have the Vanishing Mirror Effect When the Display Area is Off/dark.One Button to Get All, the Touch Sensor Switch Adopts Intelligent Touch System to Bid Farewell to Complicated Multi-Point Pperation, and All Intelligent Modules Can be Realized with One button.
  • INNOVATIVE INTELLIGENCE:Resolution 1920x1080 Delivers Incredible Clarity and Vibrant Colours.Powerful Built-In Vibration Speaker Technology,you Can Enjoy High-Definition Stereo Sound While Bathing.It Has Better MPS Display Technology with Mirror Panel To Upgrade Regular LED/LCD Display's Brightness. Color Temperature, and Contrast Ratio Parameters to be Best Effect, So Even When It's Installed in Strong Room Lighting, You Won't Feel the Glare While Watching TV.
  • EASY TO INSTALL IN TWO MODES:Available as Wall Mountable or Embedded into a Wall to Suit all Bathroom and Kitchen Layouts. A Full Installation Manual is Included. Recess Dimensions for In-wall: 524x358x36mm/20.6"W x 14.1"H x 1.4"D. Embedded Bracket for in-wall and Wall Bracket for on-all are Included.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY : Waterproof Tv Sets Are Suitable for Use in Bathrooms, Swimming Pools, Kitchens, Yachts, Even Outdoors, Wherever Water May Be in Contact.if You Don't Satisfy with Our Products, Please Immediately Contact Us for Help.if You Don't Satisfy with Our Products, Please Immediately Contact Us for Help. Contact us by below steps: Go to the product page-- click " Haocrown " (under "Add to Cart"), then click “Ask a question”.

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