Hawk-Woods BP-60U Lithium-Ion Sony BP-U



Hawk-Woods BP-60U (BP60U) 60Wh Lithium-Ion Sony BP-U Type Battery. The Hawk-Woods BP-60U has been designed, manufactured and tested to be a direct replacement for Sony BP-U type batteries.
With a built-in fuel gauge & Hawk-Woods build quality, this high-tech Li-Ion camera battery offers stunning performance for its size and weight and unlike many replacement BP-U batteries on the market, the BP-60U uses the original battery contacts to provide power, rather than a flying lead connected to the device's DC power input.
The built-in Total Battery Protection system offers over discharge / voltage protection (If placed on unsuitable / incorrect charger), short circuit protection and thermal protection.
Compatible with the Sony PXW-FS7, PMW-F5 and PMW-F55.

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