Hawk-Woods Reel-Power Mini 90Wh Battery



Hawk-Woods RP-M90 (RPM90) Reel-Power mini 26v 90Wh Battery. The Hawk-Woods 90Wh mini Reel Power battery has been added to the mini RP range.
Our range of mini 26v batteries have been designed for running high voltage cameras such as ARRI camera's and lighting equipment, with only a third of the weight of a standard size RP battery, this is the perfect solution if you want long run times, however would like to save on weight and space. The battery is that small, it will fit into the palm of your hand.
Hawk-Woods mini Reel power range uses low resistance cell technology allowing high discharge and improved cycle life. The perfect match for high-voltage camera's when using the higher voltage battery, you demand less current from the battery, giving them an easier life and longer life span.
When used with the RPM-HS1A these batteries can be used in a hot swap solution from a floor..

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