Hawk-Woods VL-HS1A Alexa Mini Hot Swap



Hawk-Woods VL-HS1A (VLHS1A) Alexa Mini Hot Swap - LEMO 8Pin. Hawk-Woods V-Lok 15mm Alexa Mini/Amira adapter offers the user the use of V-Lok batteries. This adapter comes fully equipped with outputs consisting of 4x Power-con (D-Tap), 2x Lemo and 2x RS 24v Regulated outputs.
This adapter offers you a hot swap solution, with a chassis mounted LEMO on the side of the adapter, allowing you the use of 14/24v floor batteries. The product has been fitted with 12v regulators on the D-TAPs and Lemos so they will not output 24v.   
The camera will always select the battery with the highest voltage until they discharge to the same voltage, then they will run down together. VL-HS1A comes with a fixed flying lead to the camera.   

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