Hollyland Mars 300 Wireless Video Transmission System

style_name: Mars 300 6 Hour Kit & Charger


  • 5G wireless transmission technology: This wireless video transmission system adopts 5GHz frequency band, employing the latest image decoding technology and noise reduction technology. It achieves high-speed data transmission, anti-interference, and signal stabilization, reproducing audio and video with less than 1 millisecond of latency
  • Support 1080p60 Uncompressed: Applying the latest image decoding technology and noise reduction technology, Mars 300 supports 1080P 60Hz HD signals. It delivers the broadcast-class superior HD video and audio with no compression.
  • 300Ft-500ft line-of-sight range: within 300 feet transmission distance, MARS 300 achieves the best connection effect, but 300 feet is NOT the limitation. With two antennas on both devices, they can still release signals in the maximum distance of 500 visible feet and transmit data
  • Dual 4K HDMI Input/output : The compact design of Mars 300 includes dual 4K HDMI ports on both transmitter and receiver for up to 1080p60, capable of connecting to virtually any cameras. On the receiver, both HDMI ports can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals to two monitors at most.
  • Simple, convenient and quick connection: MARS 300 features auto-pairing setup for a truly plug-and-play experience. Simply turn on both devices, and click the pair buttons, you will get a quick and easy automatic setup and connection with no manual intervention
  • included components: Camera Kit

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