Hollyland MARS X (MARSX) 1080p Wireless HDMI Video Transmission System for DSLR ameras. Please note: the new Mars X does not support the video “I” format. Cameras that support HDMI Output setting (can be switched to “P” format) will be fine. 
The Hollyland Mars X wireless HD video transmission system uses the latest coding, decoding technology, and 5G wireless transmission technology and can achieve ultra-low latency wireless video transmission.
The Mars X allows you to transmit an HDMI signal to up to three iOS/Android mobile devices. With this function, multiple people on set can monitor an image at different locations. The transmitted image can be viewed on a mobile device using the dedicated companion iOS/Android HollyView app. The app additionally provides monitoring features such as zebra, waveform, false colour and more.
The Mars X supports up to 1080p60 resolution (single HDMI IN with 1080P and various other resolution formats) and is capable of...

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