Husiway Accessories for Gopro hero 8 Black Waterproof Housing Filter set Silicone Case Frame for Go pro 8 Black 60C


Colour: 60D for Gopro 8
Ships From: CHINA


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Husiway Accessories for Gopro hero 60D for Gopro 8 Black Waterproof Housing Colorful filter set Silicone Case Frame for Go pro 8  Black 60C


What's in the box:


1 x 90 cm multiple fuction Selfie stick 
1 x Waterproof housing for Gopro Hero 7 / 6 / 5 Black (60C) or Gopro Hero 8 Black (60D)
1 x Standrad Frame for Gopro Hero7 Hero6 Hero5 Black (60C) or Gopro Hero8  Black (60D)
1 x Protective Silicone Case for Gopro7 Gopro6 Gopro5 (60C) or Gopro8 Black (60D)
1 x Red Filter 
1 x Purple Filter
1 x Pink Filter
1 x Additional Mini Tripod for the Selfie stick
1 x Big Size Collection Box
1 x Chest Body Strap for Gopro Hero
1 x Clip on the selfie stick ( used for phone control the camera)
1 x EVA Case (Color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow by random)
1 x Helmet extend arm
2 x J-Hook Buckle
1 x 360 Degree Rotation Wrist Mount
1 x Phone Holder
1 x Elastic Adjustable Head Strap
1 x Bicycle Roll Bar mount with three-way arm
1 x Flexible Tripod
1 x Plastic Spanner
2 x Black Buckle Basic Mount
2 x Screw bolts
1 x 360 degree Rotary Fast Release Clamp
2 x Curved Surface Mounts
2 x Flat Surface Mounts
5 x Adhesive Pads for Curved Mount
5 x Adhesive Pads for Flat Mount
1 x Helmet Strap Mount
1 x Suction Cup
2 x Black Tripod Mount Adapter
12 x Anti-fog interts
1 x Floaty Sponge 
1 x Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw
1 x Waterproof Nylong Collection Bag
1 x Belt for Gopro Camera Remote
1 x Camera Safety Tether Lock with 3M Sticker
PS: The only difference for the 3 styles is the different style of monopod
Additionally, you can get below items as gift: 
1) Lens+Screen protector 
2) Wipe cloth (used to clean the screen)
3) 2 pcs of Wipes
4) 1 pc of stainless steel Anti-loss rope (for the orders after Nov.20.2019) 
Pay attention:
1) The Waterproof houing / Frame / Colorful Filter in this kit is only for Gopro Hero 8 or Gopro Hero 5 / 6 / 7 Black .
2) The Camera is not included in the kit.
60C for Gopro Hero 7 6 5 Black:
60D for Gopro Hero 8 Black:
60D 副本

Frame and Waterproof housing-1000x1000 - 通用 副本




Glass+silicone+Steel rope -通用


Floaty sponge Floaty bobber
   360 Clip    HTB1ftwhkSMmBKNjSZTEq6ysKpXau   HTB1nTX5EeySBuNjy1zdq6xPxFXa1   HTB1XNqDEkSWBuNjSszdq6zeSpXaX     HTB1KL_GkvImBKNjSZFlq6A43FXad   1
1 2

Brand Name: Husiway
Model Number: HSW60C
Compatible Action Camera Brand: GoPro
Type: Action Camera Accessories Kits
Bundle: Bundle 1
Material: Carbon Fiber
Fit for: Gopro Hero 8 7 Hero 6 5 Black
Product name: 60 in 1 Accessories Kit for Gopro

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