IDX CUE-D95 Battery IDX Endura Cue-D95



The Endura CUE is the new battery range from IDX that combines superb reliability at a lower cost. This Lithium Ion battery range has been designed to meet the most stringent PSE regulations for electrical and mechanical safety – essential for work and travel abroad. Thanks to the latest advances made in microchip technology and improvements in battery design and build, the range provides all the benefits today’s broadcasters need at a more affordable price.

These additions to the ENDURA battery family are economical and cover a wide variety of capacities, ranging from 73Wh to 146Wh. Each battery comes equipped with a D-Tap and a 4 Step Power Indicator LED. The new internal pack design cradles each cell securely to enhance the reliability and safety of the battery. Whether you shoot with small profile cameras or large power hungry cameras, you'll be sure to find an affordable, safe, and reliable power solution for your setup.

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