Lanparte V-mount Shoulder Support SS-02 for 15mm Rod Baseplate DSLR Video Rig




Lanparte V-mount Shoulder Support SS-02 for 15mm Rod Baseplate DSLR Video Rig

The Lanparte SS-02 shoulder pad has a built-in V-mount lock located on the top. With this kind of design a cameraman can mount the baseplate with a v-lock mount onto the shoulder mount itself. This is a great feature with a very practical design.

The Lanparte shoulder mount support DSLR rig is a high quality and versatile addition to any industry standard 15mm rail system, and can be combined with a huge range of other camera accessories and add-ons.

The padding its self is made from durable, medium firmness rubber, which is contoured to fit the shoulder perfectly.The moulding has been designed carefully with ergonomics in mind, in order to provide the highest possible level of comfort, suitable for any shape and size of shoulder.

Four clamping screws hold the rails firmly in place.The reliable clamping offered by this model is a very important factor when trusting a rig to hold expensive and fragile camera equipment.

The metal frame is highly accurately machined from lightweight aluminum alloy, using CNC techniques. It is hard anodized in black, to provide a finish which is highly durable, and very resistant to scratching. The design features several milled out slots to reduce the overall weight without compromising on strength.

Model Number: SS-02
Package: Yes
Brand Name: LanParte
Authorization: LPT-CN43
Product Name: Shoulder Support with V-lock, V2

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