LED Poster 640*1920mm Screen P2.5 Indoor LED Advertising Machine Magnetic Screw Universal led Display Wall Player



Indoor P2.5 LED Advertising Machine

Intelligent information advertising machine is widely used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobby, restaurants, cinemas and other crowded public places, large screen display device through the terminal, multimedia audio-visual system, professional publishing business finance and entertainment information. The product of the system can be used to broadcast the advertisement information to a specific crowd in a specific physical location and a specific period of time. We focus on the research and development of intelligent self-service equipment, so that vertical advertising machine products, both in technology and in practical applications, are stronger than their peers. Application field: Public places: subway, airport, bookstore, park, exhibition hall, conference center, talent market, lottery center, etc. Entertainment and Leisure: cinemas, fitness clubs, resorts, clubs, foot bath rooms, bars, cafes, beauty salons, etc. Financial institutions: banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, etc. Business organizations: large shopping malls, chain stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies, etc. Public utilities: hospitals, schools, telecommunications, post offices, etc. Real estate property: apartments, villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, model room, sales offices, etc. The advertising information release system, the use of advertising and advertising information publishing platform, information transmission, dynamic rich, for businesses to achieve commercial publicity maximization, increase sales promotion, visually stunning, colorful eye-catching, image display, the value of the brand value promotion

Model Number: P2.5
Usage: indoor
Tube Chip Color: Full Color
Display Function: Video
is_customized: Yes
Pixels: 40inch
Model Number: P2.5 indoor advertising machine

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