Ledgo DVS-LEDGO-600BCLK3 (DVSLEDGO600BCLK3) Three LEDGO-600 Dual Colour Location Lighting Kit with, 3x Stands and Carry Case. Illluminate a set with these dimmable LED-600 lights that are now available as portable studio kits. Their use of 8V DC or battery power makes them the ideal travel companion.
LEDGO Panel:
A cool-running LED panel that can be used close to the interviewee for a beautifully soft effect. As it's dual colour, it can be used under any lighting conditions.
The LEDGO panels have been independently tested. The TLCI results are astonishing, with the 600 and 900 range performing at the possible highest level. They are all considered to exhibit "errors [which] are so small that a colourist would not consider correcting them

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