Ledgo LG-G260 (LG-G260) LEDGO RGB LED Studio Light Panel. The LEDGO RGB LED Studio Light Panel has four lighting modes available: CCT 2700K - 7500K, RGB, RGBW and Tungsten. It is controlled with a 2.4G remote, WiFi App, DMX or Manual dimmer. Seven lighting effects are available: Storm, Cop Car, Candle Light, Hard Disco, Soft Disco, Monitor and Multi Flash with extra lighting effects for matching Sodium Vapour Light, Metal Halide Light, Fluorescent Light and Street Light.
The LED panel has aluminium housing and a low dB fan for cooling with built-in customized situation modes to meet the needs of different shooting scenarios.
This MagicHue Series RGB light adopts the latest technology with ultra-high light outputs and soft light features. Using the adjustable colour temperature and the 7 special lighting effects, you can simulate any movie scenario.

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