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Libec TH-G3 (THG3) 3 Axis Electric Stabiliser Gimbal with Mini Tripod for Small Cameras. TH-G3 Multi-Action Gimbal can support a wide range of cameras weighing from 0.5kg to 3.6kg. The TH-G3 has multiple action modes. By connecting to Libec's smart phone App, motion time-lapse, remote controls, and detailed adjustments can be achieved. Designed with a long battery life of 18 hours, users can enjoy many hours of recording comfortably.
High Payload Range
With a high payload range from 0.5kg to 3.6kg, the TH-G3 supports a wide range of cameras from mirrorless cameras to full-size DSLR with multiple types of lenses.
Three Shooting Modes
The TH-G3 has three shooting modes including "Top Down Mode", "Bottom Up Mode", and "Pen Light Mode". These shooting modes provide great flexibility for your desired photo and video shoots.
Four Follow Modes
To greatly assist on photo and video shoots, the TH-G3 has four follow modes including "Pan Follow Mode", "Pan & Tilt Follow Mode"

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