Libec TH-Z S4 KIT (THZS4KIT) Tripod System - Includes TH-Z H Fluid Head, ALX S4 Slider (400mm), TH-Z T Tripod with Mid-level Spreader and RC-10 Case . The TH-Z combined with ALX S4 LIBEC Slider's integrated movements of panning, tilting, and sliding.
The lightweight TH-Z H Head features an LED bubble level and sliding plate equipped with a One touch attach and release mechanism. The plate is compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, for speedy and easy setups in the field. Supports up to 5kg.
In spite of its light weight of only 2.4kg/5.3lb, the TH-Z tripod has a high rigidity and features a built-in telescopic mid-level spreader. The TH-Z T tripod has a max payload of 25kg. Also included is the RC-10 tripod case.

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