Libec QH3 (QH-3) QD Series Fluid Head with 2x Extandable Pan Handles PH-15. Heavy duty QH3 Fluid Head with 2x Extendable Pan Handles PH-15, centre tilt lock, snap on/off sliding plate, smooth counterbalance system and 150mm ball base adapter. For the camera system's safety, the head can be physically locked into a centre tilt position. Even at a distance, the arrow shaped knob and Lock/Unlock symbols are visible. The BL-150 ball base adapter is included inside the kit, which converts the flat base head into a 150mm ball head. The Smooth Counterbalance System is a unique Libec technology that allows the counterbalance knob to be adjusted with constant motion to smoothly reach the minimum and maximum power range. The foldaway knob is designed for easy speedy adjustments. The QH3 Fluid Head supports up to 69kg.

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