Loupedeck Plus Colour Grading and Editing for Adobe Software (p/n Please note: Loupedeck has announced integration with Adobe Camera Raw. Software updates available here
Loupedeck+ lets you be  more creative makes your editing faster and allows you to focus on what's important - your craft.
Hands-on and highly intuitive – Loupedeck’s buttons, dials and sliders ensure your eyes and hands work seamlessly together. Complete control at your fingertips – adjusting and fine tuning your images and videos becomes simple.
Command multiple editing functions at the same time. Ergonomic design enables you to edit your photos and videos with ease. Loupedeck+ is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC,  Aurora HDR, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Additional editing software will be added later this year. New integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC makes video editing faster, intuitive and more affordable. Total focus on...

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