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Steel Sports Equipment & Electric & foldable Treadmill,home treadmill folding electric treadmill fitness treadmill multi-function fitness equipment


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Size:1100X650X190 mm 

20042110305791033: 488985
Material: Steel
Type 1: Treadmill
Type 2: electric treadmill
Type 3: indoor fitness equipment
Type 4: fitness equipment for home
Type 5: conveyor belt
Type 6: cinta de correr
Type 7: cinta de correr electrica
Type 8: Smart Electric Foldable Treadmill
Type 9: Mini Running Trainner
Type 10: Jog Space Walk Machine
Type 11: Aerobic Sport Indoor
Type 12: Fitness Equipment Family
Volume metric: 28405 g
Speed range: 1.0-10km / hour
weight capacity: 100 kg
Running belt area: 40*95cm
Treadmill width: 54cm
Model Number: 20042110305791033
Applicable Fitness Equipment: Treadmill
Origin: CN(Origin)

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