Original ULHmobile Ultimate Lens Hood for Mobile Phones

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  • ✔️ ANTI REFLECTIONS - The ULHmobile is the perfect smartphone photography accessory helping to make perfect clear crisp glare free images through windows without having to edit images after the event. Brilliant for photos from planes, cars, trains, buildings or at zoos and aquariums.
  • ✔️ UNIVERSAL FIT - ULHmobile will fit any mobile phone with a camera including all the most popluar models from iPhone , Samsung, Google, Huawei as well as many more. Simply fit the hood to the clip and then clip over the phone camera lens. Its so quick and simple to setup and will make an incredible difference to your photos.
  • ✔️ Photography Gifts - As gadgets go the ULHmobile will be welcomed by any phone photography wizard as a gift. It makes the perfect present for professional photographers and amateurs alike and they will be keen to show you the results using the ULHmobile.
  • ✔️ INCLUDES CASE - As well as a soft touch anti-static coating that gives the ULH a silky smooth finish and helps to stop bits of fluff, dirt and grit from getting stuck to it, we also include a soft microfibre carry bag perfect for traveling and keeping your ULHmobile and clips safe and clean.
  • ✔️ AS SEEN ON KICKSTARTER - ULH is a UK brand and is proud to be one of the most successful camera accessories funded by Kickstarter, following its success the Ultimate Lens Hood is in use by thousands of photographers and enthusiasts all over the world. The ULHmobile was the most request product following the full camera hoods making reflection free photos a thing of the past for mobile photography fans. Please BEWARE of poor quality FAKE counterfeit copies on Amazon. This is the only official

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