Panasonic 3.5 Inch 720p Viewfinder



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Panasonic AJ-CVF25GJ (AJCVF25GJ) 3.5 inch HD 720p Colour Viewfinder. The AJ-CVF25GJ electronic viewfinder is designed to mount on a shoulder ENG camera recorder or studio camera.
It is equipped with a newly developed 3.45-type LCD panel (approximately 2,760,000 dots) that offers high contrast and brightness and boasts three times higher pixel density, thus realizing more precise and easier focusing.
The AJ-CVF25GJ can be opened (flip-up type) at either of two positions, the lens barrel or the front side of the LCD panel. Furthermore, the image can be displayed in a reduced size (83%) automatically or manually when the eyepiece is opened.
The image adjustment dial and other controls are laid out in the same pattern as on a conventional viewfinder for ENG camcorders. The back tally (with slide cover switch) is provided at the location where only the operator can see. Furthermore, the AJ-CVF25GJ is provided newly with a yellow tally that can be used...


1 x Panasonic (AJ-CVF25GJ) 3.5 inch HD 720p Colour Viewfinder


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