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Panasonic introduces the HC-VXF1, which features a new sensor and new LEICA lens for significantly improved image quality. The new camcorder offers exceptional optical performance including a wide-angle 25mm and 24x optical zoom lens, and achieve quick and accurate focusing for both 4K and Full-HD to enhance the AF function critical in video shooting.

The new addition to Panasonic’s extensive portfolio of high-quality camcorders continue to respond to the needs of all users ranging from video enthusiasts who pursue full-fledged 4K video quality to family users who want to record treasured moments in impressive images.

Create brilliant videos even in dimly-lit places:

The new large BSI MOS Sensor found in the 4K camcorder HC-VXF1 combined with the bright F1.8 lens, improves low-light shooting performance by approximately 70 per cent compared to previous 4K models. By suppressing noise when shooting in low light situations, such as indoor scenes and nightscapes, videographers are able to capture the perfect footage anytime, anywhere.

Premium video with 4K quality:

Record in brilliant high-definition 4K quality now available in Panasonic’s new 4K camcorder HC-VXF1. The high-performance lens which has cleared Leica Camera AG's stringent standards for resolution and contrast, minimises flare to maintain beautiful images at all times. When recorded in 4K Photo Mode timeless moments can be captured as still images so you don’t need to worry about swapping to a stills camera.

Outstanding for shooting in proximity and taking close-ups:

The newly developed Leica Dicomar lens on new models offers a remarkably powerful optical 24x zoom that ranges from a 25mm wide angle to a 600mm telephoto zoom. The 4-Drive lens system operates the four lens groups independently to achieve the zoom yet keep its compact body size. The stunning wide-angle setting can fit a large group of people and background into the frame while the rotatable LCD is great for selfies.

Avoid handshake blur with the new HYBRID O.I.S.:

The optical image stabiliser in the camcorders has evolved further from the previous 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. + by incorporating the Ball O.I.S. System and Adaptive O.I.S. The Ball O.I.S. System reduces wear on the drive section, and greatly improves correction performance for small-amplitude handshake.

The Adaptive O.I.S. automatically optimises the O.I.S. effectiveness by adjusting the O.I.S. mechanical control according to shooting positions, conditions and user characteristics. The new HYBRID O.I.S. further reduces blur caused by natural handshaking particularly during zoom which enables you to recover clear images even in high-powered 24x optical zoom.

Professional results with the electronic viewfinder and manual ring:

Panasonic’s highest-end 4K camcorder model (HC-VXF1) is packed with advanced functions and features to satisfy the needs of both professionals and ambitious amateur users. The tiltable viewfinder lets you capture the subject accurately under any condition and the manual ring allows professional-standard, fast ring operation for fine tuning focus, iris and zoom.

4K Cropping to preserve once-in-a-lifetime scenes with no mistakes:

4K Cropping is available in both the HC-VXF1 and HC-VX1 is an original Panasonic function that lets you shoot at wide-angle in 4K, and then easily edit the shot later and save it as a Full-HD image. This kind of post-editing is also possible for zoom shots and for changing the angle of view, to save scenes that might otherwise have errors.

The 4K cropping functionality features new capabilities such as Post Auto Tracking (Auto Tracking Crop) which allows you to record a fast-moving child at a wide-angle in 4K automatically tracking their face, allowing extraction of the Full-HD movie with no framing-out and the further ability to add the image stabilising effect at the same time.

A new Post Manual Tracking feature (Manual Tracking Crop) enables you to simply touch subjects that move unexpectedly, and track them intuitively with your finger to shift the angle of view. Finally, the Post Close-up (Fixed Crop) function is perfect in situations where there is little movement and a part that you don't want is included; you can shoot at wide-angle in 4K and then easily crop the part you want later.

  • Brilliant 4K Picture Quality
  • New 1/2.5" sensor ( January 2018 )
  • New Leica lens (F1.8 - F4.0)
  • 24x optical zoom - 4K Camcorder's highest zoom
  • HC-VXF1EB-K / AC Adaptor / DC Cable/ Rechargeable Battery Pack / USB Cable

Included In the Box

  • 1x AC Adaptor
  • 1x DC Cable (USB Type)
  • 1x Rechargeable Battery Pack (1940mAh)
  • 1x micro HDMI Cable
  • 1x Shoe adaptor (Built-in)
  • 1x Lens Hood
  • 1x USB Cable
  • HD Writer AE 5.4 Editing Software (Download)

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