Pre Owned Sony HXR-NX5 Solid State



Sony HXR-NX5E (HXRNX5E, HXR-NX5, HXRNX5) Solid State NXCAM Camcorder with 24Mb/s AVCHD recording onto MS Pro Duo. Introducing Sony's first NXCAM product, the HXR-NX5 camcorder which can record stunning quality 1920 x 1080 images at 24Mbps (50i or 25p), as well as supporting 720/50p and Standard Definition recording. Operational flexibility is further enhanced by support for dual media. The primary recording media is Memory Stick Pro consumer memory cards, which are affordable, readily available worldwide and subject to continuous development. There is also an all-new optional 128Gb Flash Memory Unit which offers 11 hours recording time at 24Mbps. As with Sony's HYBRID HDV range, usage of the media is designed to be as flexible as possible - allowing simultaneous recording to dual media or a choice between media depending on the customer requirements.

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