Rode NTG3 RF-Bias Shotgun Microphone - Black



Product Description

The RODE NTG3 super-cardioid shotgun microphone is designed for professional use on film, television, electronic news gathering and wherever high-resolution broadcast audio is required. As RØDE's premier directional microphone the NTG3 exhibits superlative audio quality with a rich, warm quality and a full frequency response. Its RF bias technology makes it almost completely resistant to moisture, making it the only option when recording in demanding environments where condensation is an issue.

Box Contains

1 x NTG3 RF-Bias Shotgun Microphone RM5 Durable Microphone Clip 1 x WSNTG3 Pop Filter 1 x Aluminium Storage Cylinder 1 x ZP2 Padded Zip Pouch

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