Sachtler 0405 Tripod Head Sachtler 0405 (FSB-6) FSB 6 T Fluid Head



Sachtler 0405 (FSB-6) FSB 6 T Fluid Head (Payload 1.5 - 8kg). The FSB 6T is a multifunctional all-rounder that is a must have for everybody. Ideal for all set-ups of up to 8 kg at 55 mm cog, the reliable fluid head offers the proven Touch & Go side-loading mechanism. This means that with just one click the entire camera assembly can be picked up with the camera plate with a flick of the wrist and also put back - especially handy when switching between tripod and shoulder. Of course, it comes with the established Sachtler damping, Speedbalance technology, illuminated spirit level and parking position for spare camera screws.

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